Third Party Marketing while developing Lecture verb App

Third Party Marketing while developing Lecture verb App

Hello, everyone, this is another journey review, by team lecture verb.


so for this Blog, we would like to talk about how we use third-party applications promote the word out there about lecture verb.

While we were designing the UI screens of lecture verb app and working on the marketing animation videos, we Used social media to promote awareness of the content.

this was very important since everyone is on social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram.

The early last year 2018 we had started on our Alpha application testing.

The National Union of Students:

Doing some more power campaigns we linked up with students an influencers in the Student Union connection who were invited to go to the National Union of students (nus) conference 2018.

We got an opportunity to record the conference but we were unable to share it from the application in its alpha due to the development bugs in the app code.

So we used a third party application that was SoundCloud to share content to social media, once we downloaded it from the lecture verb app.

You can check out some of the highlights from the conference recording that we captured.

so many very good speakers, of the education sector. Something worth listening. It the industry news for young people in education.

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