Organic promotion is the best way to growth

you can get your Lectures on your phone! Download Lecture verb App!

Get your lectures on your phone classic strap-line for us here at lecture verb.

I would often hear the CEO shout out “get your lectures on your phone” when we were out promoting campaigns.

“You can get your lectures on your phone”

This has to be one of the best punchlines ever used while marketing lecture verb app.

I remember being at a university Freshers Fair doing some promotions.. When a group of students organically became advocates of the lecture verb brand.

This was a moment of great inspiration when the CEO shouted out

“you can get the lectures on your phone”.

Check out the video for on what happened. below.

Lecture verb @ Ravensbourne University….student Freshers fair ……

I once signed up 700 + students in one day! Doing a campaign.

When you have the right buzzwords when you have the right charisma and game plan anything is possible.

Having fun and enjoying what you do helps all of that..!

So many Students and Lecturers use android devices we decided to role out with Google play first.

look out for version one coming soon to google play store!

word of mouth is very organic when people have your trust in what you do. being determined to make good result is a work ethic for the CEO of lecture verb.

one of the best campaigns Team lecture verb did was promoting the voice over script.

one day we got an email from a supporter from South Africa, a young gentleman said his name was Pastore dre.

the Team got him involved but this will be for an exclusive story we going tell you how that happened this coming March newsletter.

listen to the finished product that got over 6K views on social media, Boosting our organic Growth up and higher.

Lecture verb App for Lecturers, Students, Public Speakers
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