Lecture verb: Developing an app platform for the education sector -Online Learning

The Best Lecture App is Lecture verb!

The Lecture verb Team is developing its version one App

News from Team Lecture verb:

Lecture verb CEO is very happy considering it’s taken time to reach where we are with the whole development of the app.

The website is up and running and a lot of things are being done behind the scenes.

there’s been a lot of Commotion in the streets a lot of promotion to the set target audiences of the platform. Students, non-students and just overall people in general.

The app is currently under development even though we have been testing in its alpha stage we’ve done a lot of user testing, there were many types of bugs that are just normal on common android low-level OS like the KitKat OS.

Gimar Blackwood the project leader states:

“to pick up on in development androids SDK Some of the features presented challenging but were overcome and we’re looking for good things to happen with the features as we tighten them up and make them even smarter and improved in their basic form.

You really should check out when we pre-marketed the app 2 years ago to where it is now.”

“A lot of people thought that the concept of lecture verb and long distance learning was like too far-fetched to achieve like, it was pie in the Sky but here we are on the road to achieving the success.”

Animation art was a learned experience

“A lot of time was spent graphically making a promotional video that was like so under budget LOl you know I mean the hours that the team put in together was incredible.”

I think the Video was well received but needs a lot more promotion, in fact, team lecture verb produced a couple more videos to add to this one so feel free to subscribe and check them out.

Another thing was that a lot of these early days marketing campaign was centered around the purpose of crowdfunding but unfortunately they didn’t complete the goal target set for the budget. There were donations given offline but reaching an online donate target wasn’t easy.  But well try again says Gilmar- the project leader.

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