Lecture verb CEO walks and Talks App Business

Lecture verb CEO walks and Talks App Business

Good afternoon everybody team lecture verb giving you all the news and updates from lecture verb headquarters.

I have to say I have been doing some past month reviews and I quite like last year summer.

The CEO we caught up with the CEO Gilmar Blackwood who was out sporting in the new Lecture verb t-shirts that were out at the time.

The lecture verb promotion and marketing you know it was before the pre-launch of the alpha version and before the non-student launch that we did at the carnival, Notting Hill Carnival of 2018.

we’re going to be having them on sale on the website coming very soon, in fact, roundabout spring 2019 going into the summer we’re going to be having them on the website.

so you can properly support lecture verb and you know all of what we doing.

I have to say going back to the video that was shot with one of the team members Alex who was shooting that day, the video that they did I was in the background lol.

“ I like the fact that the journey is consistent and we’ve come such a long way you know the copywriting of this is made me very proud”

we were out in the background scene in order to see all of the of the interview the platform, the project leader Gilmar Blackwood was just on a walkabout you know the local areas of London town.

talking about his vision off of the platform the business where we heading with it, what we’re going to do to help, why we help to improve the space in the market.

The journey so far from the last year, before 2017 also definitely is worth having a look at the video check it out for making notes of what an entrepreneur goes through on a day-to-day basis.

Talking to the man who’s on the scene who is actually the boss of the lecture verb business

Something worth making a note of from the CEO:

what countries currently showing love to Lecture verb!

I’d like to give you a quick look at the statistics, the search engine optimization, SEO and the fact that making videos that are so raw and the realness of the struggle building a movement from the grass Roots actually gives us a lot of content for viewers to share.

Will try to build the brand physically and mentally we’re offering the t-shirts to support the promotions.

we sold about 40 of those t-shirts and we gave away another 20 of them you know and like I’m saying I’m going to be giving you lot that accesses for exclusives make sure you subscribe on site to the exclusive new letter email list for your free T-shirt Lottery.

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