Lecture verb App after the Invision prototype

Lecture verb App after the Invision prototype

Not a lot of people know that lecture verb was originally designed using invision Studios.

In fact, when the CEO the project leader Gilmar Blackwood first started to sketch and brainstorm his ideas that he was writing around his bedroom wall it was the invision studios that made it all come together with the best.

As a graphic designer, gilmar Blackwood like to think big who is like to write things down pin things up on around the space of the wall efficiently was always used when Gilmar was around.

At least what we notice at team lecture verb.

In fact, he still adding things up, this brings me the right background to the next review.

I want to go back to the original interview that was recorded before the invision app development was complete.

I’m talking about all of the UI screens you know the user interface before they were all completed and we were making our way to starting off the actual SDK in Android the interview that we worked on getting out there to build interest In Tech Startup community

In-vision App version of lecture verb App. Interview on Episode two of the Navigation logic jump.

What was so great about this video was the fact that the leader the founder of the lecture verb platform diligently gave background information on himself.

where he came from, what his qualifications are and skills, his career choices and decisions that he made on pursuance of where he reached to end up on the path that led him to make the decision to develop and conceptualize he’s complete education after his teachers training qualification.

As a product designer, it was very important for him to attempt the new trend which market for apps.

There was a lot of passion in his words while he delivered episode 1 and 2 of the invision app walk-through. This was even before recognizing that the journey was going to be long one or a short one. Just to have the belief determination was the real park the Usher New Flame because of his desire to become a successful entrepreneur.

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