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Lecture Verb App Features

Lecture Verb has alot of features that will
make your lecture more convenient.

Voice Comment

Voice Commenting is one of our Features that will allow you to navigate. Through all our Digital feedback, Comment on all our Lectures, and Text Translate your Voice comment to communities and study groups.

Book Lecture

You can schedule to a attend a Lecture digital or physical, You can also book to create new Lecture events Live or pre-recorded. After booking, you can promote the Lecture on your social network and contacts.

Lecture Snippets

Just about everything online is searchable Lecture verb unique source capture allows for content. Indexing and speech on-screen content sourcing within media sources; you can quickly find and fast forward to the precise moment you’re looking for within the learning stream.

Record Lecture

Whether you’re recording a single event or a weekly recurring Tutorial, Lecture Verb makes it easy to schedule recordings in advance. Selecting video sources, setting recording quality, and controlling whether the recording is also live streamed.

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